A Minute to Midnight: Are You Ready?

Have you ever felt like time was running out, your anxiety level was reaching a crescendo and, with just the right nudge, your stomach just might jump out of your throat?

Welcome to what feels like a Minute to Midnight somewhere in our collective cosmic Twilight Zone.

There’s no doubt that our world continues forward in topsy-turvy fashion. No sooner does one “crisis” seem to ebb in demanding our full attention when another suddenly appears on our horizon!

All of this is part of the seismic shift our world is passing through, bringing us from one era into another. The process of change can often make us feel like we’re fast approaching the proverbial minute to midnight scenario.

My ABC’s of NOW Podcast is for You, NOW!

Fortunately, my ABC’s of NOW podcast series is not designed to add drama to an already confused and upset populace. To the contrary, I’m releasing each episode to accomplish just the opposite.

My aim is to help you find the anchor of inner peace, rest and hope for the future, even as our world continues on its seemingly precarious path.

To date, I’ve released 17 of the anticipated 26 episodes, starting with the letter Z and heading back to A (a new beginning). In this blog, I’m providing the first episode, Z is for Zoom, and the most recent, entitled J is for Just in Time. You’ll find how the latest podcast will explore something of the minute to midnight experience. If this is your first time listening, you’ll learn more about the foundation of the series and discover how both letters are quite synergistic.

Expect new and brighter perspectives along the journey of change. And while you’re at it, perhaps you’ll start to embrace the ride!

Click here for Episode 1: Introduction and Z is for Zoom

Click here for Episode 17: J is for Just in Time

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Maura Sweeney

Podcaster, International Speaker and Believer in a Better Society. Ambassador of Happiness(R) turning a lifetime vocation into a global mission.